Vice-Admiral Carlo Massagli
Italian Critical Infrastructures Secretariat
Presidency of Ministry Council of Italy

Roberto Baldoni
Deputy Director of the Department for Security Information (DIS)
Italian Cybersecurity Agency
Presidency of Ministry Council of Italy

Fernando Sanchez Gomez
Director of the National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Cybersecurity
Secretary of State for Security, Ministry of the Interior

dr. Vittorio Rosato, Head Laboratory of analysis and protection of critical infrastructure, ENEA

Alessandro Lazari, Regional Director – Mediterranean, International Association of CIP Professionals

Piotr Ciepiela, Associate Partner, OT/IoT Security & Critical Infrastructure Leader, EY

Ilias Gkotsis, Associate Researcher, Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) , Greece

Dr Bharadwaj Mantha, Post Doctoral Research Associate, New York University Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Sandro Bologna, Board Member, Italian Association of Critical Infrastructures’ Experts (AIIC)

Alberto Neri, RESISTO Project Leonardo Technical Coordinator – Cyber Security Division, Leonardo

Dr Ugo Finardi, Researcher, CNR-IRCrES National Research Council of Italy, Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth

Paul Lucier, VP, Business Development, ISARA Corporation, USA

Elli Pagourtzi, Researcher, Center for Security Studies (KEMEA), Greece

Stefano Betti, Independent Criminal Justice and Policy Expert, France

Martin Hromada, Senior Researcher/ Assoc. Prof, Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Faculty of Applied Informatics, Czech Republic

Aman Panu
Vice President AD&S, Frost & Sullivan, UK
Dr. Serkan Girgin
Scientific Officer, European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)
Jeff Gaynor,
President, American Resilience
John Donlon, Chairman, International Association of CIP Professionals
Victor Vevera, Senior Researcher II, Technical Director and member of the Scientific Council of the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics ICI, Romania
Fabio Panada, Senior Security Consultant, CISCO
Francesco Morelli, CSO, Terna and Representative AIPSA
Prof. Roberto Setola, Complex Systems & Security Lab, Unicampus Rome
Andrew Palmer, Border Security Manager, Gatwick Airport
Martine Naillon, CEO, Co-Decision Technology, France
Cevn Vibert, Global Director Industrial Cyber, Vibert Solutions
Dr. Athanasios Sfetsos, Project Manager, EU Circle
Dr.Ing. Georg Peter, Head of Unit, Technology Innovation in Security, European Commission, Joint Research Center
Malcolm Warr, Chairman, CNI Scotland
Dr. Gordan Akrap, President, Hybrid Warfare Research Institute
Luca Boselli,
KPMG Advisory S.p.A.
Alexandru Georgescu, Expert, National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics ICI Bucharest, Romania
Gianluca Riglietti
Head of Research and Intelligence, PANTA RAY, Italy

Dr. Christopher Rodriguez
District of Columbia Homeland Security and
Emergency Management Agency
Prof. Paolo Trucco,
Professor – Risk and Resilience Management of Complex Systems research group
Politecnico di Milano – School of Management
Dr. Dana Prochazkova, Scientist, academician worker, Czech Technical University in Prague
Fabio Panada, Security Consultant, Cisco, Italy
Ms. Katri Liekkila, Special Adviser, National Emergency Supply Agency, Finland
Jason Haward-Grau,
Mervi Hiltunen, Business Development and Solutions Director
Abloy Critical Infrastructure, Finland
Piera Di Vito, Senior Ground System engineer, European Space Agency (ECSAT), UK
Francesco Morelli, Head of Corporate Protection, Terna Spa, Italy
Ruiz Gualda Jose Francisco,
CTO, CBDO & Co-Founder, jtsec Beyond IT Security
Ernesto Savona, Director at Università Cattolica – Transcrime, MILANO, Italy

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