Catherine Piana

Catherine Piana

  • Director General
  • CoESS Confederation of European Security Services, Belgium

Catherine Piana is the spokesperson of the private security industry to the EU and international institutions and stakeholders (CoESS since 2014, ASSA-I – Aviation Security Services Association since 2016). She covers a wide range of subjects, including Transport Security (Maritime, Air and Land), AI, Insider Threat, the protection of Critical Infrastructure and Public Spaces. In 2024, she has written several Papers on Public-Private Partnerships, both from the angle of Critical Infrastructure and spaces accessible to the public. Catherine is the Chairperson of the European Committee for Standardisation’s (CEN) TC 439 “Private Security Services”.

She is also the Managing Director of Help2Protect (e-learning platform on the Insider Threat), a spin-off of the EU-funded project AITRAP.

A European Public Affairs Consultant by profession, Catherine has been in a leadership position in several trade associations since 1997. A Belgian national, she speaks 6 languages (EN, FR, IT, ES, NL, DE).


  • Collaboration, Information Sharing and Enhancing PPPs

    Effective risk, resilience, and emergency plans rely on open information sharing across Europe. Knowledge empowers informed decisions for CI protection. How can we dismantle barriers to information exchange and foster trust between governments, operators, and communities? Stronger PPPs hinge on this collaboration.

  • Best practices in Public-Private Partnerships