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Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

The IACIPP is the international association of practitioners and professionals involved in the security and safety of critical infrastructure, both physical and information infrastructure.

Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Technical University of Ostrava

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At Genetec, we believe that, in order to create and maintain thriving public spaces, groups, including urban planners, city managers, security experts, enterprise executives, and community leaders, must work together to achieve true public safety. www.genetec.com

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SecAlliance delivers cyber threat intelligence services to banks, central banks, financial market infrastructures, governmental and EU agencies, international organisations, and critical national infrastructure operators (telco, power grid, transport). www.secalliance.com

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The Association of Critical Infrastructure of the Czech Republic mainly represents owners and operators of critical infrastructure, satisfies and defends their common interests cross-sectionally, across disciplines and industry segments.
The mission of AKI CR is mainly the creation of optimal conditions for the operation and protection of critical infrastructure, the support of research and development in the field of operation and protection of critical infrastructure, the popularization of the issue of critical infrastructure and the defense of the specific common interests of the members of the association, and if they do not conflict with common interests, also their individual interests, all while respecting the rules of economic competition.

Technological Platform Energy Security Czech Republic

The main goal of EU-CIP is to establish a novel pan European knowledge network for Resilient Infrastructures, which will enable policy makers to shape and produce data-driven evidence-based policies, while boosting the innovation capacity of Critical Infrastructures (CI) operators, authorities, and innovators (including SMEs).

EE-ISAC aims to improve the resilience and security of the European energy infrastructure, by sharing trust-based information and enabling a joint effort for the analysis of threats, vulnerabilities, incidents, solutions and opportunities. EE-ISAC offers a community of communities to facilitate this proactive information sharing and analysis, allowing its members to take their own effective measures.

  • TIEMS was founded in Washington, USA in 1993, and is today registered as an international, independent, not for profit NGO in Belgium, see Certificate
  • TIEMS is a global forum for education, training and certification in emergency and disaster management
  • TIEMS international expert network comprises users, planners, researchers, industry, managers, response personnel, practitioners, social scientists, and other interested parties within emergency and disaster management
  • Within its network TIEMS stimulates to the exchange of information on the use of innovative methods and technologies within emergency and disaster management to improve society’s ability to avoid, mitigate, respond to, and recover from natural and technological disasters
  • TIEMS works locally through its worldwide chapters which provide a regional focus for TIEMS activities
  • TIEMS activities comprise international conferences, workshops and exhibitions, research and technology development projects, task force groups of experts from TIEMS international group of experts, and TIEMS academy providing international education, training and certification programs
  • TIEMS offers membership, sponsorship and partnership www.tiems.info

Spanish Technological Platform for Safety and Industrial Resilience (PESI) is an association led by the industry that has the support of the different Administrations. Its objective is to involve Companies (Corporations, SMEs, Engineering, consultancies and service and technology providers), Technology Centers and Universities in innovation and technological development programs and R&D at European or national level in matters of industrial safety and Resilience with a comprehensive approach (HSE, PRL, Safety, Industry4.0, Security, Cyber).

The Confederation of European Security Services (CoESS) acts as the voice of the Security Industry. The main objective of CoESS is to represent and support the growth of an industry that delivers solutions of high quality and professionalism, focused on the selection and development of qualified staff and technology.

The NS&RC is an elite group of international companies from Europe and the United States who work closely together to provide clever world class solutions in growth markets such as CBRNe, Global Threat Secure Travel, Crisis management and contingency planning, Specialist Design and Build, NS&R Training, Airport and Aviation Security, Cyber Security and data protection, Health Safety and Rescue.

ISIO – The International Trade Organization is a trade organization for the security industry. A “Trade Organization” is at the top of the heirachy of the industry, which endorses, security exhibitions, conferences, workshops,media, and the full spectrum of business structures.

One of the world’s largest collections of engineering and technology video resources with
11966 talks, presentations, lectures, training videos and news.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience News is the publication of the International Association of CIP Professionals, circulated to the membership of IACIPP and the wider CIPR community.

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Transport Transport Security International, incorporating Aviation Security International, continues to be at the forefront of its core Aviation Security as well as covering the broader transport security landscape. With the synergies between the all modes of transport and the crucial need to share insights between these areas for comprehensive understanding of what is happening across the board, Transport Security International is the publication for the transport security community, with daily online updates and a quarterly publication with more in depth features.

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