Alexandru Georgescu

  • Scientific Researcher
  • National Institute for Research and Development, Informatics ICI Bucharest, Romania

Alexandru Georgescu is a Scientific Researcher with the Department for Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection of the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics ICI Bucharest. He has an eclectic background, having studied Economics, then Geopolitics, and has obtained a PhD in Risk Engineering for Critical Infrastructure Systems with a thesis on Critical Space Infrastructures, which was expanded into a book and published by Springer in 2019. He is actively involved in advancing Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience issues through cooperation at international level and has worked on international projects for the European Space Agency and others. Since 2019, he is a co-moderator of the Working Group on the Protection of Defence-related Critical Energy Infrastructures within the Consultation Forum on Sustainable Energy in Defence and Security Sectors organized by the European Defence Agency. He is affiliated with the Romanian Association for the Promotion of Critical Infrastructure Protection, with the Romanian Association for Space Technology and Industry, the EURISC Foundation and EuroDefense Romania.


  • Communications Sector Symposium

    Communications is key to any community and its infrastructure assets has become increasingly threatened. Without communications, business will be lost, and any emergency coordination would be a disaster. The internet has become a vital part of communications for all. Protection of communication assets and their resilience is vital for businesses, government and all sectors of […]