Robert Mikac

Dr Robert Mikac
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Zagreb

Dr Robert Mikac is a versatile person with very rich practical and theoretical experience from various structures of the security sector of the Republic of Croatia. During his career he worked on various duties in Croatia and abroad from operative, over tactical to strategic level.

During his career he served in Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia and NATO ISAF mission in Afghanistan, was the Head of the State Centre 112, worked as an independent police inspector within the Ministry of the Interior, and spent four years as Commander of Civil Protection of the Republic of Croatia and nation point of contact for CIP.

Currently he is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Zagreb, the Ex-Head of military studies Military Leadership and Management, and the member of the Homeland Security Council of the President of the Republic of Croatia. He is author of three books and more than thirty scientific articles.

Presentation: Ways and models of Critical Infrastructure Protection: Three case studies of national and international Critical Infrastructure in the Energy and Telecommunication Sectors

Three large companies with great importance for Republic of Croatia (Croatian Telecom and JANAF Plc.) and USA (Xcel Energy), which are designated as national critical infrastructures, are part of this analysis. Being companies from Sectors (Energy and Telecommunication) highly ranked as most incident prone, they need to adjust to all security challenges. Besides their internal solutions for external and internal threats and organizational structures involved in protection of critical infrastructure, it will be shown how does cooperation with legislators and regulatory Agencies and Public Private Partnership works. Also, strong interdependency with other Sectors is another factor why these companies needs to have quality solutions which can be good examples for other companies – nationally and internationally.