Continual Professional Development

Gain valuable Continual Professional Development time


Each conference session provides 90 minutes of valuable time in your Continual Professional Development, giving you a great opportunity to gain 12 hours of CPD time during the conference.
You will receive a certificate of sessions attended for proof to your professional body of your CPD time.

Bridging the communications gap and enhancing the integration, cooperation and security between CIP and CIIP operations – 90 minutes CPD
Emerging & Future Threats Detection & Management – 90 minutes CPD
Smart Construction – systems, modelling, intelligent design and specialised materials for more secure CNI – 90 minutes CPD
Transport, Energy & Telecomms Infrastructure Security – 90 minutes CPD
Insider Threat and The Human Asset – 90 minutes CPD
Concerned About CIIP – Policy, Preparedness and Response – 90 minutes CPD
Meeting the Growing Cyber Security Challenges – 90 minutes CPD
IT/OT Integration – 90 minutes CPD
Critical Infrastructures and the BYOD developments – how do organisations manage the security threat? – 90 minutes CPD
International & National Agency and Operator Co-operation – 90 minutes CPD