Sharon Caro

Sharon Caro

  • Business Strategy Executive
  • Salvador Technologies, Israel

Sharon Caro is a Business Strategy Executive in Salvador Technologies, an ICS/OT Resilience Company. During the last 3 year she is closely involved with research and surveys among cyber professionals in critical infrastructures, collecting detailed data on current practices, resilience, and recovery solutions.
Her work focuses on evaluating and developing market solutions to enhance the security and resilience of essential systems.
Caro previously worked for various industries as a strategic marketing executive, running market analysis, planning and assessing product viability, and formulating effective marketing strategies that drove business growth. This experience has provided her with a unique perspective on the intersection of market demands and technological innovation, further enriching her contributions to cybersecurity research and implementation.


  • Critical Industries / ICS SCADA Symposium

    Across Europe’s critical industries, security practices increasingly integrate due to converging physical and cyber threats. Four main categories guide these practices: physical security, cyber resilience, personnel training, and robust supply chains. Integrating secure manufacturing (or other key processes) with resilient logistics, including IT/OT and SCADA systems, is essential for reliable deliveries and a thriving European economy.

  • Redefining cyber resilience in ICS/OT