John Laene

John Laene

  • Managing Director

John Laene was a senior police officer within the Service of Infrastructure (rail, road, water and air) of the Central Unit of the National Police of The Netherlands and Managing Director of RAILPOL.
He started his police career in 1980 and has more than 43 years’ experience in policing the rail sector, especially in special operations and large scale/public order disturbance.
In 2005 he participated as one of the first police officers in RAILPOL and joined the Working Group Public Order, first as member and later as Chair.
After Chairing this Working Group for several years, he was asked to take the position of Chief Operations within RAILPOL and was responsible for the operational activities.
In 2015 he was elected by the members of RAILPOL as Secretary-General and vice-President and starting 2023 the position as Managing Director of RAILPOL
His main tasks are to maintain/expand the contacts with RAILPOL members, European Commission as well stakeholders, participating in European project on behalf of RAILPOL and coordination of the RAILPOL policy.


  • Transport Sector Symposium

    The movement of goods and people is vital to a local and national thriving economy. Without a safe, secure and resilient transport network, an economy will crumble. The transport network, from rail, road, air and sea, is at threat from cyber attacks, terrorist threats and natural hazards and its protection and resilience is key for communities and countries to maintain their economies.