Collaboration, Information Sharing and Enhancing PPPs

Effective risk, resilience, and emergency plans rely on open information sharing across Europe. Knowledge empowers informed decisions for CI... Read More

Technologies to Detect and Protect

What are some of the latest and future technologies, from ground, land or underwater technologies, access controls, and space... Read More

Transport Sector Symposium

The movement of goods and people is vital to a local and national thriving economy. Without a safe, secure... Read More

Communications Sector Symposium

Across Europe, communication networks are the lifeblood of communities and critical infrastructure. Disruptions cripple businesses and leave emergency response... Read More

Power & Energy (Grid Resilience) Sector Symposium

Europe’s energy sector, reliant on oil, gas, and renewables, is paramount. Without it, other critical infrastructure fails. Recent and... Read More

Emerging Threats against CI

The threats to critical infrastructure are like a chameleon. Cyberattacks evolve, threat of terrorism activities are on the increase,... Read More