Workshop – What If: Exploring Critical Infrastructure Cascading Effects

November 14, 2024 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Alessandro Lazari Fellow in Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience /University of Salento, Italy & International Association of CIP Professionals
Enhancing Cross-Border Risk Assessment for Critical Entity Dr Monica Cardarilli Project Officer /European Commission Joint Research Centre, Italy
CER Directive and the European Reference Network of Critical Entities Resilience (ENCER) Frederic Petit Project Officer /European Commission Joint Research Centre, Italy

Moderated by Alessandro Lazari

Join us for an engaging and interactive session on the final day of CIPRE. Titled “What If,” this session is designed to foster deep involvement from participants through dynamic, interactive tabletop exercises and thought-provoking scenarios.

Participants will dive into a series of hypothetical “what if” situations that challenge our preparedness and response strategies. A developing scenario that will encompass a wide range of threats including cyber and physical events, disruptions in the supply chain, hybrid threats, economic warfare, and the pressing need for climate change adaptation.

By exploring these multifaceted and interconnected threats, attendees will gain valuable insights into the complexities of protecting critical infrastructure. This session aims to enhance collaborative problem-solving skills, encourage innovative thinking, co-operation and prepare participants to better anticipate and mitigate future challenges.

Be prepared to think on your feet, work closely with fellow experts, and leave with a deeper understanding of the vulnerabilities and resilience strategies essential for safeguarding our critical infrastructure in an increasingly volatile world.