Clive Bairsto
Global Head of Business Resilience and Continuity
National Grid

Clive Bairsto120

– Global Head of Business, Resilience National Grid
– Director of Integration and Readiness, Government Olympic Executive, within Department of Culture Media and Sport
– Air Vice-Marshal on Secondment from MOD, GOE
– Director Mil Strategic Planning, and mil lead for International Policy Planning, Ministry of Defence
– Chief Executive, Base Commander and Air Officer for Scotland, Leuchars Air Base
– Chief Executive, Commander of Western Sovereign Base Area, Cyprus
– Director of Staff (Principal Staff Officer) at Supreme HQs Allied Powers Europe, Mons

Presentation: National Grid’s modern approach to infrastructure security & resilience

How the National Grid models its infrastructure security around government expectations and uses its own innovations to deliver security and resilience to ensure the integrity of the grid.