Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe


The 2018 Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe topics included:

Plenary Session Topics

Risk and Resilience in CIP and CIIP
Only by properly recognising and measuring day to day as well as long term risks, are we able to properly implement the sophisticated measures necessary to mitigate risk and build resilience. That could mean anything from plotting climate change to make sure that critical infrastructure is built in a safe location for many years into the future, to ensuring communications satellites are hardened against cyber attacks.

PPP Role in CIP
With most CNI in private hands we need to understand the essential role that public-private partnerships have in the protection of CNI by examining opportunities and challenges that need to be considered and addressed for these partnerships to be successful over the long term.

Emergency Preparedness and Response in CNI
If prior planning and preparation are essential elements in emergency preparedness and understanding risk is the first step in creating and developing a crisis response plan. What else should be considered in developing effective emergency preparedness


Emerging and Future Threats on CNI
Threats to critical national infrastructure can take many forms, whether it is malicious insider threats, natural disasters or attacks by state actors or terrorists. Identifying new and potential threats is vital if critical services are to be maintained and normal economic activity is not to be disrupted.

Space Based CNI
As we rely more and more heavily on satellites for communications, navigation and observation, the requirement to ensure that space based systems are both secure and resilient becomes more urgent. Space based systems also have a growing role in CNI resilience.

Human Factors, Organisation Risk and Management Culture
Effective management, procedures and culture are vital if organisations are to identity potential insider threats and eliminate or mitigate against the effects of human error in critical national infrastructure

Risk Management in Transport, Telecoms and Energy CIP
How do you secure widely dispered and vulnerable sectors such as transport, telecoms and energy from an ever growing list of threats and actors without impeding the operators ability deliver vital services easily and cost effectively.


Cyber Security Legislation, Best Practice & Standards
As the threat of cyber-attacks by state actors grows ever higher and attacks by criminals and malicious rogue players continues unabated the need to put in place robust legislation and standards and best practise becomes all the more urgent.

Cyber Defence Strategies
To prevent catastrophic disruption or collapse of critical infrastructure CNI operators must develop the strategies, procedures, controls and co-opertion to ensure resilience.

Cyber Technologies to Prevent and Protect
As the number of actors increase and the threats multiply exponentially, what are the latest in cyber technologies to prevent and protect whilst not over complicating operation and not overburdening operators.

SCADA Systems and IT/OT Integration
Whilst the increased use of SCADA systems across industrial networks offers better and faster communications, it comes with and increased threats and risk to those systems. What practical solutions are available to ensure better security and resilience.

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