Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe

Programme – Day Two



9:00am-12.30pm – IET Round Table Discussions
Chair: Senior Representative, Institution of Engineering & Technology

The Threats to CNI

In a world where everything is connected in some way, shape or form; where the Internet of Things (IoT) has risen in prominence and; where the proliferation of and dependence on mobile devices is pervasive, having the necessary cyber and physical security to sustain and secure our critical infrastructure is now more important than ever before.

Moreover, the digital technologies which increasingly enable our financial, communications, utilities, security and defence infrastructure may, at the same time, pose a significant threat to those systems themselves.

Through sharing exemplars from specific Industries, we would like individuals to share their experiences with each other, to understand commonalities and to learn best practise from their own perspectives (ether in Government, Academia or Industry). What are the learnings from one sector to another?

Leaders from across the key IET Sectors (IT & Comms, Energy, Manufacturing, Transport and Built Environment) will provide a quick introduction at the start of the session and then join the attendees to continue discussions.

Further information to be supplied by the organisers (whether we hold it as cabaret style) or open up to audience members on the floor.

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12.30pm-2:00pm – Delegate Networking Lunch

2:00pm-3:30pm – Session 3a: Emerging and Future Threats on CNI
Threats to critical national infrastructure come in many forms, whether it is UAV’s, disruption of GPS/GNSS signals or flood waters. Identifying new and potential threats is crucial to enabling governments, law enforcement, operators and stakeholders to take the necessary steps to mitigate against possible disruption.Senior Representative, Critical Infrastructure Division, EUROPOL*

Prioritizing high-consequence failure points in critical infrastructure adaptation and protection programsDuane R. Verner, AICP, Resilience Analysis Group Leader, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Current Research and Emerging issues in Energy and Surface Transport Critical InfrastructureCleo Varianou Mikellidou, Ioannis Gregoriou School of Business Administration, European University Cyprus, Centre for Risk, Safety and the Environment (CERISE)

3:30pm-4:15pm – Networking Coffee Break

4:15pm – 5:30pm – Session 4a: Public Private Partnership – Successful Risk Management and Resilience
As so much critical national infrastructure is in the hands of public sector organisations – Public, Private Partnership is a prerequisite for successful risk management and resilience.

Enexis approach to the organization of security risk management and cybersecurity – Maurice Kroos, Security Officer, Enexis

Smart public private partnering in Critical Infrastructure Protection & ResilienceHarold Bousché Msc, Business Director National Security, TNO Defence, Safety & Security

Security Infrastructure Extended Over Wide Areas Using Sensors as an Asset: ZoneSec, A Holistic ApproachJosé-Ramón Martínez-Salio, Specialist – Homeland Security and Defence Sector, Research & Innovation, Atos

2:00pm-3:30pm – Session 3b: Cyber Security Legislation, Best Practice & Standards
As cyber-attacks become increasingly common, it is the role state actors to ensure that robust and comprehensive legislation is in place to ensure the proper protection and resilience of critical national infrastructure as well as promote the application of best practice.Michael van Leeuwen, Head of Cyber Security Policy Department, National Cyber Security Centre, Netherlands

National Information Security Directive (NIS Directive)Konstantinos Moulinos, CIIP Project Manager, ENISA

Best Practice & Standards in the Energy SectorAnjos Nijk, Managing Director, European Network for Cyber Security

Protecting critical infrastructure by understanding interdependenciesJaya Baloo, CISO, KPN, Netherlands

3:30pm-4:15pm – Networking Coffee Break

4:15pm – 5:30pm – Session 4b: Emerging Cyber Threats
The increasing complexity, large scale connectivity and interdependency of CIP and CIIP sytems makes indentification of new and emerging threats more urgent than ever.

Protecting CNII Against Cyber Threats: A Coherent Response Through CSIRTDr Zahri Yunos, Chief Operating Officer, Cyber Security Malaysia

Ransomware as an Emerging Threat to CNIMartin Lee, Technical Lead, Security Research, CISCO

Understanding the Vulnerabilities of Critical Energy Infrastructure to Cyber Terrorism: How to Secure our Energy Systems – Ayhan Gücüyener, Regional Director, International Association of CIP Professionals, Turkey

Countering threats out-of-areaCyril Widdershoven, Director, VEROCY/NAMEA/MEA-Risk