dr. Vittorio ROSATO
Head, Laboratory of Analysis and Protection of Critical Infrastructure (APIC)
Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA)

Dr Vittorio Rosato is head of the Laboratory for Analysis and Protection of Critical Infrastructure at ENEA, Casaccia Research Centre (Rome, Italy). ENEA is the second largest research Institution in Italy. The APIC Laboratory is contained in the Dept. of Energy Technologies of ENEA which is committed in R&D in the different areas, from energy production (by fossil, nuclear and renewable sources), distribution, storage, dispatching and in the domain of physical and cyber protection of technological assets. APIC activities are mainly related to modelling of system of (inter)-dependent technological networks under constraints and perturbations (due to external events such as natural events, cyber attacks). He is currently Vice Chair of the 2E!SAC Association, committed to the realization in EU of the EISAC initiative. He has contributed to the establishment of the EISAC.it where he currently holds the position of Managing Director. He is a Condensed Matter Physicists and holds PhD from University of Nancy (France) and BSc Degree at the University of Pisa (Italy). He has been working as Research Associate at UCW Aberystwyth (UK) and at CEA Saclay Nuclear Research Centre (France).