Vsevolod Shabad

Vsevolod Shabad

  • ex-Chief of Information Security Growth
  • Eurasian Resources Group, Kazakhstan

Vsevolod Shabad is an accomplished cybersecurity professional with over 20 years of experience securing complex IT environments across various industries, currently serving as the interim Chief Technology Officer at Gemba Finance, a UK-based fintech startup. Throughout his career, he has held key leadership positions at Eurasian Resources Group, Acronis, and Halyk Bank, demonstrating expertise in building security programmes, mitigating cyber threats, and fostering resilient teams. Vsevolod holds a MSc degree in Applied Mathematics, a PGDip in Information Security from Russia, and as a lifelong learner, is pursuing an MSc in Cybersecurity at the University of Liverpool (UK). He is a reputable professional with certifications such as CISSP and CCSP, a Professional Member of BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT and has contributed to NIST CSF 2.0 and recent Kazakhstan cybersecurity and privacy national legislation.


  • Critical Industries / ICS SCADA Symposium

    Across Europe’s critical industries, security practices increasingly integrate due to converging physical and cyber threats. Four main categories guide these practices: physical security, cyber resilience, personnel training, and robust supply chains. Integrating secure manufacturing (or other key processes) with resilient logistics, including IT/OT and SCADA systems, is essential for reliable deliveries and a thriving European economy.

  • Protecting Legacy OT Components in Critical Infrastructure from Advanced Cyberattacks: A Eurasian Resources Group Case Study