Richard Moser

Richard Moser

  • Business Development Manager
  • LEGIC Identsystems AG, Switzerland

Richard Moser works for the Swiss-Based LEGIC Identsystems AG in the security technology industry focussing on the Physical Access Control of Critical Infrastructures. LEGIC developed together with its over 400 partners a global access control ecosystem consisting of Reader OEMs, Card manufacturer, solution providers, system integrators and technology consultants to provide critical infrastructures, such as governments, Defence, airports, harbours, data center, power grids or telecommunication towers, etc., security solutions on military encryption standard. Richard works since 2022 for LEGIC and is involved with critical infrastructure projects mainly in Europe. He holds an MSc in International Management from the Swiss-based FHNW.


  • Technologies to Detect and Protect

    What are some of the latest and future technologies, from ground, land or underwater technologies, access controls, and space based or cyber technology, to predict or detect the wide range of potential physical and cyber threats to CNI. How is AI being utilised in technology to enhance performance.

  • Who’s guarding access to your access control system in critical infrastructure