J Javier Larraneta

  • General Secretary
  • Spanish Technology Platform on Industrial Safety

Javier holds a Physics Degree (electronics and computer science, Basque Country University, Bilbao, 1982) and has over 30 years experience as Entrepreneur and senior consultant in Business development, R&D and ITC. He managed many institutional programmes in Spain for sectoral Associations to promote innovation and technology development. He deployed innovative training programmes for SME, including the development of websites and multimedia training materials, also to improve the industrial safety (energy and manufacturing sectors). He has been fully involved in the launching of R&D Support Services to encourage Enterprise R&D activity and increase SME participation in public-funded programmes. In 2008 he joined TECNALIA to manage the Technical Secretary of the Spanish Technology Platform on Industrial Safety (PESI) and became Secretary General in 2012. Since March 2011 he is an elected member of the Executive Board at the European Platform (ETPIS).


  • Collaboration, Information Sharing and Enhancing PPPs

    Effective risk, resilience, and emergency plans rely on open information sharing across Europe. Knowledge empowers informed decisions for CI protection. How can we dismantle barriers to information exchange and foster trust between governments, operators, and communities? Stronger PPPs hinge on this collaboration.