Dr Tommaso Aliberti

Dr Tommaso Aliberti

  • Cybersecurity Line Manager
  • NIER Ingegneria SpA Società Benefit, Italy

Dr Tommaso Aliberti works for NIER Ingegneria SpA Società Benefit. NIER is a leading engineering consultancy company with more than 45 years of existence, focusing on HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), energetic and railways fields. Over the last 4 years, Tommaso has lead responsibility for cybersecurity activities. He is closely involved with the verification and validation of cybersecurity requirements applied to railways diagnostic systems and wireless ERTMS-based signalling systems according to NIS Directive 2016/1148, with focus on their hardening, penetration test and vulnerability assessment. Now he is also involved in cybersecurity activities in the industrial field, with particular interest on Threat analysis and attack simulation testing on a PLC network. He holds a master’s degree in cybersecurity from “ALMA MATER STUDIORUM” University of Bologna. Previously studied Biomedical Engineering, earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Naples “Federico II”.


  • Critical Industries / ICS SCADA Symposium

    Across Europe’s critical industries, security practices increasingly integrate due to converging physical and cyber threats. Four main categories guide these practices: physical security, cyber resilience, personnel training, and robust supply chains. Integrating secure manufacturing (or other key processes) with resilient logistics, including IT/OT and SCADA systems, is essential for reliable deliveries and a thriving European economy.

  • Safeguard-PLC: Cybersecurity in Industrial Automation