Dr. Tomas Trpisovsky

  • Manager for European R&D Affaires
  • IMA s.r.o., Czech Republic

Tomas Trpisovsky is founder of Institute of Microelectronic Applications (IMA) located in Prague. IMA is focused onto secure eIdentification systems, its integration and dissemination. Established in 1992, IMA became one of leading innovative and proactive and internationally recognized Czech SME. In Jan 2021 IMA has been acquired as R&D center by German WITTE Automotive GmbH and thus became a Large Enterprise.
2. Tomas participated on incubation of international activities, like eEurope Smart Card Charter, TB11 (Health) and TB7 (Multiapplication Cards), EFMI (European Federation of Medical Informatics),
MasterCard Vendor Information Forum (GVIF – banking). Since 2008 is active within AENEAS and ARTEMISIA JU and its successors in order to ensure international collaboration, harmonization and interoperability. 2006 – 2017 representative of the Czech Republic in ISO JTC1 SC17 and CEN TC224
2003 – 2005 co-chair of EFMI WG Card, focused on smart card applications in health care across Europe 2001 – co-founder and technical director of Connectivit-E, hi-tech VA (US).
IMA lead by Tomas provided consulting for smart card oriented projects both for Public Authorities: Czech ministries of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Personal Data Protection Office, General Health Insurance Company so as for private sector.


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