Dr. Eng Adrian Victor Vevera

  • General Director
  • National Institute for Research and Development, Informatics ICI Bucharest, Romania

Dr . Eng Adrian Victor Vevera Scientific Researcher II, General Director – the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI Bucharest) under the coordination of the General Secretariat of the Government. Doctor of Military Sciences and Information, being both a lawyer and a nuclear physics engineer, Mr. Vevera has extensive experience in the field of national security, fulfilling various positions, over time, in numerous managerial and counseling positions in different state organisms. He has published numerous articles and papers on national and international security issues, energy security, cybercrime, critical infrastructure protection, and has been the coordinator of numerous projects of national interest.


  • Information Technology (CIIP) Sector Symposium

    Securing the digital infrastructure. Information technology is responsible for such a large portion of our workforce, business operations and access to information and data, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) through cybersecurity and network security, is vital to protect information assets. Recent ransomware attacks and other threats, such as Malware, Stuxnet, etc and the continued cyber […]

  • Opening Keynote

    CIPRE Opening Keynote session