Colonel assoc. prof. Jan Farlik

  • Head of Air Defence Department & Vice Dean for Public relations and Development
  • Faculty of Military Technology, University of Defence

Colonel assoc. prof. Jan Farlik, Ph.D. is a full associate professor at University of Defence, Faculty of Military Technology, Department of Air Defence. His scientific research goes deeply to the counter drone (Counter-UAS) topics as well as modelling and simulation of technical and operational characteristics of air defence systems. He is member of several C-UAS working groups, and researcher of several air defence and C-UAS national and international projects. He runs research in the field of counter-drone operations both civilian and military.


  • Emerging Threats against CI

    The ever changing nature of threats, whether natural, through climate change, or man-made through terrorism activities and insider threats, and coupled together with the latest challenges with cyber attacks from many directions, creates the need to continually review and update policies, practices and technologies to meet these growing demands. But what are those emerging threats, […]