Babette Tecklenburg

  • Researcher
  • German Aerospace Centre- Institute for the protection of maritime infrastructures

Babette Tecklenburg works for the institute for the protection of maritime infrastructures within the German Aerospace Centre. The Institute for the Protection of Maritime Infrastructures in Bremerhaven develops concepts, methods and technologies that serve to both assess and improve the safety and security of maritime infrastructures, taking into account the three levels of people, technology and the overall system. Therefore they work closely together with authorities, companies and other research organization. The core research interests of her is the quantification of risks and threats. Babette has a Master and Bachelor of science from the Otto von Guericke University and University of applied sciences Magdeburg-Stendal. During her studies, she completed a research internship semester at the Research Institutes of Sweden (Rise).


  • Transport Sector Symposium

    The movement of goods and people is vital to a local and national thriving economy. Without a safe, secure and resilient transport network, an economy will crumble. The transport network, from rail, road, air and sea, is at threat from cyber attacks, terrorist threats and natural hazards and its protection and resilience is key for […]