Arto Niemi

  • Research Team Leader
  • DLR, Germany

Dr. Arto Niemi is a research team leader in the Maritime System Analysis group within the DLR Institute for the Protection of Maritime Infrastructures. The group studies the resilience of the maritime sociotechnical systems from technological viewpoint. This sets the group’s focus on risks, where an undesired state may cause significant damage, degrade or interrupt the system performance and functions. The goal is both to understand the risks that would result in the undesired state, and to assess how a system could quickly recover from it. Dr. Niemi defended his thesis on complex system modeling in Tampere University, Finland.


  • Power & Energy Sector Symposium

    The energy sector has become the most critical of sectors. Without power, driven by oil, gas and renewable energies, all other CI stops. Recent cyber attacks on the energy sector, as well as natural hazards, from hurricanes in the Gulf to fires in California, gives much room for thought on how we best protect our […]