Amr el Rahwan

  • International Security Expert,
  • TPASCO (Terrorism Prevention & Anti Social Crime Organization), Netherlands

Amr is experienced in supporting international law enforcement and border security organizations in solving issues by studying gaps, building capacities, applying standards, and providing feasibility studies and exceptional solutions. He is considered one of the rare profiles capable of establishing links between the operational, technological, and legal aspects. He has unique experience in using Artificial Intelligence, interoperability, and OSINT, and is a speaker at CEPOL, EU-LISA, FRONTEX, OSCE, and United Nations conferences & workshops.

He holds a Master’s and two research papers about using Artificial Intelligence for Interoperability and OSINT for combating terrorism and serious crime published by FRONTEX and CEPOL.

Amr is based in the Netherlands, and he was a former Police Officer Engineer in Egypt.


  • Risk Mitigation and Management

    Being prepared for the changing threat environment can benefit greatly in mitigating its impact on infrastructure and the broader community, ensuring resilience, safety and security. How can we counter these emerging physical and cyber threats to minimise loss of service and financial impact?