CTO, CBDO & Co-Founder
jtsec Beyond IT Security

Jose is an expert consultant on the Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2 standard with more than 10 years of experience. Jose has a wide background in other security assurance standards in the field of the information technology as GP TEE or FIDO. Jose has served as an evaluator, Technical Leader and CC/FIPS 140-2 Consultant for Epoche&Espri and as CC lab manager and Cyber Security Service Manager for Applus+. His experience has led him to participate as a speaker in various editions of the ICCC (International Common Criteria Conference) and ICMC (International CryptographicModule Conference). He has been the “Chairman” of a subgroup within the ISCI WG1 Eurosmart Initiative to develop the CC Methodology. He is also member of different working groups as ISO SC27 or Global Platform TEE and an active member of the group ERNCIP “IACS Cybersecurity certification”.