Miruna-Maria Cocolan

Miruna-Maria Cocolan works for R.A. RASIROM, a governmental institution operating under the coordination of the Romanian Intelligence Service. R.A. RASIROM is an integrator of physical and IT security solutions, with the main goals to secure national and European critical infrastructures and to ensure national strategic objectives.

Being the General Director’s counselor, she has the lead responsibility for management policies, national and international cooperation, PR and coordination. She is closely involved in drafting studies and analysis on the topics of interest for the company, developing and maintaining strategic partnerships and also proposing new products and solutions according to the market’s request. Before joining R.A. RASIROM, she worked in the National Cyberint Center, managing the cooperation and partnerships developed in the cyber field, drafting analysis and participating in awareness activities. She has degrees on security studies, law and PR, completing her development with the PhD held in 2018 at the University of Bucharest, on the topic of risk assessment.