CNI Scotland
United Kingdom

Malcolm has over 40 years’ experience in the security sector; and in all parts of business including Government, corporate management, directorship of small to medium sized enterprises and as sector lead for a major Consultancy; from commercial management to operations and from strategy to general management and C Board membership.

Malcolm is Chair of CNI Scotland which provides advice at senior level to Governments and small and large businesses globally on Resilience including how best to protect Critical National Infrastructures. He sits on the Cyber Expert Group of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre

In his spare time, he also mentors a number of small security and maritime businesses in Uk and globally

He has written about the challenges faced by Civil society in building robust security resilience especially relating to Supply Chains and ‘Individual versus Technology’ balance.

He travels extensively, believing thaat you are never too old to learn and a lot can be learned from face to face contact and listening.