Ivana Cesarec
Senior adviser for prevention activities
National Protection and Rescue Directorate
Republic of Croatia

Ivana Cesarec since 2013 is an employee of the Department for Prevention, Planning and Analytics within the Civil Protection Sector, National Protection and Rescue Directorate of Republic of Croatia. She has a Professional specialist Engineer of Crisis Management and Logistics degree and works on activities involving critical infrastructure and its protection through international EU projects and development of area with normative aspects and accompanying actions.

Her field of interest is also crisis management and migration crisis. She participated in various training programs: training for civil servants, The Union Civil Protection Mechanism Training Programme, etc. Also, she is certified ISO31000 Risk Manager, “trainer of trainers” for the Implementation of the Sendai Framework and a member of Croatian Crisis Management Association.

Presentation: Current State of CIP in Croatia: developments, hybrid threats and Cyber Exercises

In recognition of implementation challenges of Critical Infrastructure Act and new threats which were not considered sooner, recent changes were done in developing of Critical Infrastructure System in Republic of Croatia. From adjustment of normative framework, harmonization with Directive (EU) 2016/1148 (NIS Directive) to Cyber Tabletop Exercise involving national-level decision makers (strategic level). First cyber-threat CIP exercise in Republic of Croatia had several scenarios involving threats of advanced persistent threat (APT) groups: attack on water supply system, compromising health system, attack on power (energy) system, compromising classified data, etc., and it revealed some gaps and gave direction for development of better CIP cyber protection.