Jana Pelešková

Jana Pelešková

Chief Commissioner, Police Presidium of the Czech Republic, directorate of traffic police

    Jana Pelešková works for the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic at the Directorate of Traffic Police Service. The Directorate is the highest level of the traffic police in the Czech Republic and mainly deals with the methodology and control of service performance. Jana deals with traffic accident statistics and analytics, and above all, she is dedicated to international cooperation of traffic police.Jana is the representative of the Czech Republic in the operational working group of ROADPOL – European Roads Policing Network. Jana has been working for the Police Presidium since 2009, since 2016 she is the member of ROADPOL. Jana studied Quantitative Methods in Economics at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics at the University of Economics in Prague.

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    16:15 - 17:30

    Transport Sector Symposium

    Track One

    The movement of goods and people is vital to a local and national thriving economy. Without a safe, secure and resilient transport network, an economy will crumble. The transport network, from rail, road, air and sea, is at threat from cyber attacks, terrorist threats and natural hazards and its protection and resilience is key for communities and countries to maintain their economies.