Mr. Sheraz Ali M.B.A

Executive Director

European Cyber Resilience Research Network

The Netherlands

With almost two decades of experience in diverse consulting roles in the fields of Information & Technology Services, Business Consulting and Financial Services, Mr Sheraz Ali helps enterprises to innovate and excel in highly competitive and rapidly changing business environments. Mr Sheraz Ali supports business executives with effectively reframing (complex) problems into great business opportunities while, providing action oriented recommendations based on sound business analysis. He supports enterprises with capturing, creating and delivering business value with IT, in a secure, reliable, cost effective and simple manner. He helps businesses innovate and build disruptive products and services by integrating the power of emerging technologies such as: Fintech, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Machine learning.

About ECRRN:

ECRRN helps organizations develop efficient and effective Cyber Defense Programs. We help you deliver business value and efficiently guard your People and Critical Assets. We ensure you quantify and communicate this value to your stakeholders.

Who we are? European Cyber Resilience Research Network (ECRRN) is your trusted partner in protecting and strengthening the “Human and Digital Network” of your organisation against evolving Cyber Threats.

What we do? We help enterprises with Capturing, Creating and Delivering Business Value with IT, in a Secure, Reliable, Cost Effective and Simple Manner.

How we do it? ECRRN provides the following services in order to help your organisation with Defining, Measuring and Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its Cyber Security Strategy.

• Cyber Resilience 360: A 360 cyber vulnerability assessment of your organization, which can help you to effectively define, measure and improve Cyber Resilience Capability of your Organization

• Cyber Risk Advisory: Independent Cyber Risk and Resilience Research Services for CxO’s and Board of Directors to help them gain in depth insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of Cyber Health of their organization

• Tailored SETA: Security Education Training and Awareness Programs