Michele Minichino
Coordinator of projects on Critical Infrastructure Protection

Michele Minchino150
Michele is the coordinator of Critical Infrastructure Protection projects at ENEA.

His main research interest is on methods, algorithms and tools for reliability, dependability and performance analysis of control and protection systems, computer based systems, networked systems and (wired/wireless) communication networks.

His current research focuses on the investigation of risk based methodologies, qualitative and quantitative indicators, multi formalism and multi solution modeling methods and tools for Quality of Service measures (in terms of performances, reliability and dependability) of Critical Infrastructures, including power grids and their SCADA and telecommunication networks at regional/national level. Currently, he is investigating the integration of modeling and hybrid test beds to reproduce cyber attacks and their propagation on SCADA systems and corporate networks and to predict consequences on the physical infrastructures, such as the electrical grids.

He has acted and acts in the frame of several research programs, funded by Italian government and by European Union. He has been Contract Professor, at the Software Engineering Chair of the Engineering Faculty of the II University of Rome “Torvergata” for several years and of Mainframe Operating Systems, at the High School of the Italian Ministry of Finance (Scuola Ezio Vanoni).

He has authored and co-authored more than 70 papers for International Journals and Conferences Proceedings.