Liv Gualda (MA)
Security Project Manager/Intelligence Analyst
PESI, Spanish Technology Platform on Industrial Safety and Security


Former Intelligence Analyst and Deputy Director of the Strait of Gibraltar regional office at the Spanish Ministry of Defence Under-secretariat, her tasks consisted in coordinating information and operational teams towards the fight against terrorism, focussing in the protection of the Critical Infrastructures in the Strait of Gibraltar. She holds a Master of Arts in Terrorism Studies and postgraduate studies in Risk Management, Strategic Studies and International Security and is a lecturer at the Institute of Forensic Science and Security, ICFS, at the Autonomous University in Madrid. In PESI, she hast completed the coordination and technical implementation of the European project PSOPHIA (CIPS 2012) which involves researching in the areas of Human Intelligence and Human Factor (including the Insider threat), in order to apply findings to critical Infrastructure protection, as well as organising dissemination events, report writing and liaison with international partners. She liaises with CI owners and operators for end-user requirements and participation in R&D projects, and she represents WONUC Spain, the World Council of Nuclear Workers.