Hans Das
Head of Unit DG ECHO
A5 Civil Protection Policy
European Commission

Hans Das150

Hans Das joined the European Commission in 2004. As a policy officer in the Civil Protection Unit, he was the main drafter of the 2007 European civil protection legislation. He was promoted to Deputy Head of Unit in January 2007 and became Acting Head of Unit in October 2009. In May 2010, he was appointed as the Head of DG ECHO’s Emergency Response Unit, which includes the EC Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC). Most recently, in March 2012, he was appointed Head of the Civil Protection Policy Unit, which is responsible for policy development and international cooperation. In this capacity, he has overseen the preparation and negotiation of the new 2014 European civil protection legislation and is in charge of developing international outreach programmes.

Previously, Hans Das was Legal Officer at the United Nations Housing and Property Directorate in Kosovo (1999-2000) and Head of the Legal Department in the International Commission for Real Property Claims (CRPC), established by the Dayton Peace Agreement, in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1997-1999). He holds a Ph.D degree in law and also worked as a researcher at the department of international law of Leuven University (1995-1997 and 2001-2004) and at the foreign affairs department of the Ministry of the Flemish Community of Belgium (2000-2001).