Fernando Sanchez
National Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection
Secretariat of State of Security – Ministry of Interior


Post Director of the National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures. Secretary of State for Security, Ministry of the Interior, Spain.
Academic Background
Guardia Civil Senior Officer. Degree by the Spanish Military Academy, Zaragoza.
High Staff Studies Degree, conducted by the Spanish National Defence Superior Centre.
Master of Security Management on CIP conducted by Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid.
Master of Security Management conducted by UNED University, Madrid.
Intelligence Diploma, conducted by the National Specialization School.
Judiciary Police Diploma, conducted by National Specialization School.
Criminal Investigation Diploma, conducted by Complutense University, Madrid.

Mr. Sánchez has been working on defense and security matters for 25 years in different appointments within the Ministry of Interior since 1988, and has been related to CIP issues for 9 years now.
Currently, he coordinates the drafting and development of diverse regulation on CIP in Spain. He’s been part of the working group which has draft the Spanish Cybersecurity National Strategy. He also stands in for the Contact Point of the Spanish State with the European Union in the field of critical infrastructure protection, and participates regularly in various working groups, national and international, in this field.
He is coauthor of several books and has also written a number of publications and articles related to the field of CIP. Mr. Sánchez collaborates regularly in delivering various masters and courses on Defense and Security, conducted by universities and institutes.
Fernando Sánchez also participates frequently in conferences and seminars, both domestic and international, focused on the field of security and critical infrastructure protection.