Dr. Stephan G. Humer
Netzwerk Terrorismusforschung e.V. (Terrorism Research Network)


Dr. Stephan Humer is Research Director (since 2008) and Principal Investigator of Socio-scientific Security Research (since 2012) at the Digital Class of the Berlin University of the Arts, one of the oldest and most renowned Universities in Germany. Several other involvements e.g. at the University of Potsdam and the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg complete his commitment to serve as a full-time Researcher and Innovator in the field of Sociology of the Internet and digital analyses. One of his major research topics is the digital identity analysis from a sociological and psychological perspective, so-called socio-technical Identity Management. Since March 2013 he is Chairman of the German Association “Netzwerk Terrorismusforschung” (Terrorism Research Network) which connects nearly 500 researchers and practitioners. His research focuses on Terrorism and Extremism in the digital sphere and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).