Aims of EU-CIP and its importance across the CI sector

Project Summary

Launched in October 2022, EU-CIP is an EU-funded project under Horizon Europe (GA ID: 101073878) which brings together 20 partners under the coordination of Engineering Spa to establish a novel pan European Knowledge Hub and Policy Testbed for Critical Infrastructure Protection.

EU-CIP will thus enable policy makers to shape and produce data-driven evidence-based policies, while boosting the innovation capacity of Critical Infrastructures (CI) operators, authorities, and innovators (including SMEs).In this direction, EU-CIP partners have already established the European Cluster for Securing Critical infrastructures (ECSCI), which brings together 31 projects that collaborate in CI Resilience. EU-CIP will leverage the achievements of the ECSCI cluster to establish an EU-wide knowledge network with advanced analytical and innovation support capabilities.

The project’s main objectives are:

· Enhance Europe’s analytical capability regarding research outcomes, technologies, and policies – fostering data-driven evidence-based policy and innovation development;

· Maximize the impact of R&I CIP/CIR activities in Europe through innovation support and solution validation services;

· Establish a knowledge-hub and create a vibrant ecosystem of interested and committed stakeholders around the project’s results.