Col Wolfgang Paulik



The Netherlands

1979                  Start of military career in the Artillery of the German Armed Forces

1980 – 1984    University studies in Economics and Organizational Science (Munich, Germany)

1984 – 1992    Several postings in the German Artillery; Rocket, Howitzer, Nuclear

1992 – 1994      National General Staff Course (Hamburg, Germany)

1994 – 1998      Several national postings as General Staff Officer

1998 – 2000      Staff Officer in the Combined Joint Planning Staff (SHAPE, BEL)

2000 – 2004      Staff Officer in the German Ministry of Defense; responsible for German representation towards NATO, European Union and United Nations (Berlin, Germany)

2005 – 2007     CJ9 Plans in German Armed Forces Operations Command (Potsdam, Germany)

2007 – 2011      Chief Concepts, Interoperability and Capabilities Branch, NATO CIMIC Centre of Excellence (Enschede, The Netherlands)

2011 – 2012 Department Head CIMIC/J9 in DEU Joint Support Command (Cologne, Germany)

2011 – 2012      CJ9 Plans in HQ RC North ISAF (Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan)

2012 – 2016      COM German CIMIC Competence Centre (Nienburg, Germany)

2016                  Director of CIMIC COE (The Hague, The Netherlands)