Troels Oerting
Head of European Cybercrime Centre EC3
The Netherlands


Assistant Director Troels Oerting is Head of the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), which under his leadership was established by the EU Commission, 28 Member States and the European Parliament the 1st January 2013 by which date it launched activities. EC3, as part of EUROPOL, has the task to assist EU member states law enforcement authorities in – primarily: developing criminal intelligence, capacity building, awareness, protection of EU critical infrastructure, forensic support, coordination, investigation, R&D, creating strategic and operational direction and initiate all relevant measures that will help securing a free, transparent but also safe Internet now, and in the future. EC3 has a vast Outreach programme and have established MoU with a high number of private and public partners in- and outside Europe and provide a secure environment for high profile investigations carried out by Law Enforcement Agencies with the support of EC3.

Assistant Director Oerting is also, ad interim, Head of Europol’s Counter Terrorist and Financial Intelligence Centre.

Before joining Europol in 2009 Mr Oerting was a senior officer in the Danish National Police with more than 30 years’ experience during which he have held positions as Director of the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS), Director of the National Crime Squad, Director of the Danish equivalent to the Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) and Director of Operations in the Danish Security Intelligence Service. He has also been Head of NCB Copenhagen, Head of Europol National Unit and DK delegate in the Baltic Sea Task Force, Europol’s Management Board and numerous other International Law Enforcement cooperation entities.