Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe

Selcuk Nisancioglu

Dipl. Ing. Selcuk Nisancioglu

Senior researcher, Tunnel and Foundation Engineering, Tunnel Operation, Civil Security

Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)



Selcuk Nisancioglu is a Civil Engineer and works for the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), which is the practice-oriented, technical-scientific research institute of the German Government in the field of road engineering. It is dedicated to a wide range of tasks, which result from the relationships between roads, humans and the environment. Its mission is the improvement of safety, environmental compatibility, efficiency and performance relating to roads.


Selcuk Nisancioglu was responsible for various research projects concerning health & safety and environmental issues on construction sites as well as civil security for transport infrastructures. At the moment he is working on enhancing the cybersecurity of tunnel, traffic and local public transport control centres.