Richard Flint
Physical Security Certification Scheme Manager
BRE Global Limited
United Kingdom


Richard is recognised as being one of the UK’s leading experts in physical security product testing and approvals. He is responsible for the testing and approval of physical security products at Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB); a part of BRE Global. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining the Loss Prevention Standards for physical security, such as LPS 1175.

Richard is an active member of a number of national and international standards committees and is involved in the work of pan European inter-laboratory collaboration groups on physical security testing such as Foxclub and EFSG.

Richard is often called upon to provide technical training and support to Police, Insurers and Government departments as well as a number of leading security consultancies, particularly in relation to the application and use of standards for physical security.

Presentation: Specification by Numbers. The Art of Specifying Physical Security

Richard Flint will explore various available EU and other physical security standards; how the standards ensure various layers of protective security deliver known minimum levels of protection against forced entry. He will consider the ‘security triangle’ (detect, delay, detain) and ‘entrepreneurial criminal/terrorist’ phylosophies, how these help shape effective standards for physical security and which standards provide the most holistic approach to physical security evaluation from perimeter to asset.