Pepijn van den Broek

Senior Associate

International Safety Research Europe BV

The Netherlands

Pepijn van den Broek works for International Safety Research Europe BV, a Dutch consulting firm that provides research and consulting services in the areas of safety and security management, (CBRNE) counter-terrorism and general emergency preparedness and response. These services are provided to (international) public and private organisations, primarily national and local governmental agencies, healthcare facilities, the nuclear energy sector, drinking water companies, public water authorities, the chemical industry and biotech companies.


Pepijn has extensive experience with organisations within the Dutch and EU’s critical infrastructure (CI). He has been a consultant to several of these organisations on risk management, business continuity management and emergency management issues. He has helped the Dutch government identifying critical assets within the Dutch infrastructure and he has developed and executed several, large scale, emergency preparedness exercises for CI organisations including the international VITEX EU 2016 exercise  and the VITEX NL 2016 exercise.