Michel van Leeuwen

Head of Cyber Seurity Policy Department

Ministry of Security and Justice

The Netherlands

Mr. Michel van Leeuwen, Head of Cybersecurity Policy Department, National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security, the Netherlands

Michel van Leeuwen has a master degree in Public Administration from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. He joined the Netherlands ministry of Security and Justice in 1994 and held different policy and management positions there. From 2006 he headed the surveillance and protection policy department in the Netherlands at the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism. Since 2012 he helps government and private organizations achieve a better cybersecurity by heading the cybersecurity policy department at the Dutch Directorate for Cyber Security/National Cyber Security Center within the Ministry of Security and Justice/NCTV. He is responsible for a policy team of 20 people with a budget of 2 mln. euro. In 2016 he also headed the cybersecurity programme team for the Netherlands EU presidency. He supervises the implementation of the Netherlands national cyber security strategy, its awarenesscampaigns and 3 mln. euro innovation budget for cybersecurity small business innovation research. He is chair of the policy steering group of the Netherlands cyber research and education platform, DCYPHER, and member of the advisory committee of the Netherlands Cyber Security Academy. In spring 2016 he also headed the cybersecurity programme-team for the Netherlands EU presidency.