Joerg Dreger

Managing Partner

Dreger Group GmbH


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Joerg Dreger is aManaging Partner of the Dreger Group GmbH. The company’s slogan – “Consult – Strategy – Execute” – stands for Strategic and Operational Management with a special focus on Business Development, Information Technology and Security / Safety. The national and international network of Joerg Dreger is based on former sport activities and on attending the Dual University of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart, graduating as Master of Business Administration (DH) in conjunction with IBM. After graduating in 1990, Joerg Dreger worked invarious project and sales positions in Germany and abroad, including a management position in Moscow, Russia, for IBM until 1998. This was followed by entrepreneurial engagements focused on Information Technology and Business Development, along with a specialization on Russia. Joerg Dreger has been active in various organizations for years, which include the German Association of Defence Technology, the Political-Military Society and Federal Academy of Security Policies of Germany. Also, he is an advisor to the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transport and Regional Development, in terms of Information Technology and the Russian Federation. Today’s focus is on “Security as a Business-Development-factor”. Cyber​themes, in this case, do play a very strong role.