Ian Betts

Director, Strategic Risk Advisory

G4S Risk Consulting


Ian Betts

Ian Betts relocated to London from Indonesia in January 2015, where from 2010 to 2014 he had been President Director of security and risk consultancy, Hill & Associates (a G4S company). As Global Head of Risk Analysis at G4S Risk Consulting, Ian was responsible for a team of professional risk analysts who operate G4S’ Global Intelligence System (GIS), an online knowledge portal providing geopolitical intelligence on threats and hazards worldwide.

During 2015, Ian oversaw the production of a series of papers and forecasts on critical emerging risks in countries that are undergoing war, conflict, civil strife, political transformation and other change scenarios.

Newly-appointed Director of Strategic Risk Advisory, Ian leads a team that supports clients through explorations of a broad spectrum of risks, offering a well-developed understanding of the threat landscapes facing multinational corporations, not-for profits and government agencies around the world. He and his team provide strategic advice via high-level, original reporting and forward-looking analysis in both stable and fragile environments, as well as in emerging markets.

Over the last year, Ian has addressed a series of conferences and forums around the world, including on terrorism and counter extremism, shipping and maritime risk, border security, threats to the mining industry, biosecurity and the impacts of climate change.

Ian has a Master’s degree in International Studies, focusing primarily on political Islam, political risk analysis and good governance. He is a published writer in Indonesia and contributes papers and presentations on a broad range of risks and topics.