Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe

Eric Luiijf

Eric Luiijf MSc
Principal Consultant

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Eric Luiijf M.Sc(Eng)Delft (61) works as Principal Consultant Cyber Operations and Critical (Information) Infrastructure Protection at TNO, The Hague, The Netherlands. TNO is the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. Eric supports the Dutch Government on Critical (Information) Infrastructure Protection (C(I)IP) and Cyber Security. He has been involved in many Dutch national and EU studies on CIP and CII, e.g. ACIP, CI2RCO, IRRIIS, DIESIS. He was involved in the development of the European Good Practices manual for CIP policy-makers (RECIPE). He co-authored two chapters of the National Cyber Security Framework Manual (NCSFM) and was the lead author of a paper comparing 19 national cyber security strategies by 18 nations. He was member of the core team developing the Dutch National Cyber Security Strategy 2 in 2013.
Eric is one of the joint activities leaders of the European framework 7 project CIPRNet: Critical Infrastructure Preparedness and Resilience Research Network.

He has been interviewed many times by national and international press, radio and TV. He has published many popular articles, reports, and scientific publications about Cyber terrorism, critical (information) infrastructure protection, and information assurance.

Presentation: CIPRNet: Establishing a European Infrastructures Simulation & Analysis Centre