Cinzia Secchi

Manager of Integrated Prevention System Unit




Since 2013 Cinzia Secchi is  the manager of Integrated Prevention System Unit, a structure within the General Directorate Security, Civil Protection and Immigration of RegioneLombardia Government.The main commitments of the Integrated Prevention System Unit are risks analysis, in terms of natural and man-made risks, including social risks, landslides monitoring, protection of critical infrastructure, aiming at improving regional prevention measures and developing new technologies.  She also manages public funds in areas hit by natural disasters.From 2013 to 2015 she was in the RegioneLombardia team involved in European project named MIRACLE with Scottish Governament and Kennemerland teams about Critical Infrastructures resilience. She represents RegioneLombardia at Executive board of CIRINT.NET(Critical Infrastructure Resilience International Network), an international association founded by RegioneLombardia, Scottish Government and Kennemerland  in  June2015

Her previous experiences were in Lombardy Region as  the Chief Office of Highways and major viability Office within the General Directorate Infrastructure and Mobility (2013) and as Chief Office of RegioneLombardia government within Sectors/Units dealing with Environment and Ecology, Protecting Water, Mining (Planning and Recovery), Parks, Waste activities (1982-2009). From 2009 to 2013 she was the General Director of  Environmental Department,first, and Production System, Labour and Welfare Department, later, in Provincia Milano Government.