Annemarie Zielstra MES
Director International Relations Cyber Resilience

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Annemarie Zielstra has been manager for 24 years. During the last 12 years she has been programme manager for different ICT programmes in the public sector. Since 2006, she has been working in the field of cyber security in the area of critical infrastructure protection. Since 2013,sheis director International Relations Cyber Resilience at TNO and acts as strategic advisor at the Department Cyber security of the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV).

In the period2006 – 2010 Annemarie was programme manager NICC (National Infrastructure against Cyber Crime) and in the period2010 – 2012 director CPNI.NL (Dutch Centre for Protection of the National Infrastructure), a public-private partnership organisation hosted by TNO. Its objective was to set up public-private partnerships and improve and extend information sharing between public and private organisations on cyber security issues and cyber resilience.

Some of the most successful projects during this period are:
– Setting up The Cybercrime Information Exchange (ISACs)

In 2013, 13 sectors are linked to the Cybercrime Information Exchange. By January 2013 (after 7 years) the ISACs merged into the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).
– Setting up the European financial ISAC (FI-ISAC)
– Development of the Code of Conduct for Notice-and-Take-Down of webservices
– Development of 39 Good Practices for the Drinking Water Sector (translated in fourlanguages)
– Preparatory Study for a National Cybercrime Trend Report
– CAET project (Capacity Advice Electricity and Telecom) on the resilienceof twelvecritical sector services against serious disruption of electricity and/ortelecom/ICT
– Facilitating role within the Electronic Crimes Task Force
– Research Study on Qualification and Certification of Information Security Officers

Since 2006, Annemarie has been responsible for setting the agenda on SCADA/process control system (PCS) securityin The Netherlands. In this area she has been responsible for the National Roadmap to secure Process Control Systems, organisedin cooperation with Idaho National Lab and DHS, Red Team Blue Team trainings in Idaho Fallsfor SCADA/PCS stakeholders from The Netherlands and Europe, facilitated the process for the WIB Vendor Requirements which is now in the process of becoming an IEC standard and organiseda number of PCS events in The Netherlands, and shared Good Practices all over the world. In this period she has been working closely with the European Commission, ENISA, the DHS Control Systems Security Program and the ICSJWG.

Annemarie was chairman of the EuroSCSIE (European SCADA and Control Systems Information Exchange) in the period of 2010 -2013 and is coordinator of ERNCIP’s (European Reference Network on Critical Infrastructure Protection) Thematic Group on Industrial Control Systems and Smart Grids, a project bythe European Commission/Joint Research Centre. This Thematic Group focusses on European test facilities and testing of People by developing The Workforce Development Framework. Both platforms consist of experts of public and private organisations and knowledge institutions.

During the last years, Annemarie participated as an active member in the EU-US Working Group on Cyber Crime and Cyber Security, in different EU Working Groups, the MPCSIE (Meridian Process Control Security Information Exchange), and the Programme Committee of the Meridian.

In 2012, Annemarieorganised The Grand Conference Building a Resilient Digital Society, as an outreach of the EU-US Working Group on Cyber Crime and Cyber Security. A conference in close cooperation with the US Department of Homeland Security, the World Economic Forum, the European Commission and ENISA, which focused atthe executive level. The aim of The Grand Conference is to make leadership in our critical infrastructure aware of the importance of Cyber Resilience for their business and for the society as a whole. In 2013, Annemarie organisedthe second edition of The Grand Conference on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice.