Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe



The 2017 Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe topics discussed were:

Convergence in CIP and CIIP
A collaborative approach to CIP and CIIP is a priority if we are to effectively to safeguard our critical infrastructure. As more and more essential systems are managed electronically, interdependence between systems both physical and cyber needs to be clearly understood to ensure the delivery of services in the face of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and criminal activity.

Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies
It is the interdependencies between large numbers of independent critical national infrastructures that is the catalyst for multiple failures in the so called cascade effect. How do we identify the weaknesses and prevent and/or mitigate the effects?


Emerging and Future Threats on CNI
Threats to critical national infrastructure come in many forms, whether it is UAV’s, disruption of GPS/GNSS signals or flood waters. Identifying new and potential threats is crucial to enabling governments, law enforcement, operators and stakeholders to take the necessary steps to mitigate against possible disruption.

Public Private Partnership – Successful Risk Management and Resilience
As so much critical national infrastructure is in the hands of public sector organisations – Public, Private Partnership is a prerequisite for successful risk management and resilience.

Transport and Energy Security & Building in Resilience
The energy sector is particularly vulnerable to both climate change and terrorist attack and whilst the transport system is in itself vulnerable, it is also crucial to the resilience of all areas of CNI.

Enhancing Preparedness & Response Capabilities
Prior, planning and preparation is the key to ensuring that CNI operators have the right equipment, processes and procedures in place to respond in the event of an emergency.


Cyber Security Legislation, Best Practice & Standards
As cyber-attacks become increasingly common, it is the role state actors to ensure that robust and comprehensive legislation is in place to ensure the proper protection and resilience of critical national infrastructure as well as promote the application of best practice.

Emerging Cyber Threats
The increasing complexity, large scale connectivity and interdependency of CIP and CIIP systems makes identification of new and emerging threats more urgent than ever.

Critical Information Analysis, Protection and Response
How do we ensure that CNI operators have the right analysis and protection systems in place to prevent the disruption or destruction critical information infrastructure and have the right resilience procedures in place the event of a breach.

Cyber Techniques and Technologies to Detect, Prevent and Protect
The increasing levels of cyber-attacks and advanced persistent threats require a new approach to cyber protection. Detecting and preventing intrusion earlier in the attack is critical and developing a multi-layered approach are key to success. New methodologies, devices and technologies must be found to detect threats as early as possible and provide strength-in-depth.


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