Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe

IET Round Table

Wednesday 10th May 2017

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The IET Sectors: Transport, Information and Communications and Built Environment are organising this years roundtable discussion event at the Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Europe (CIPRE) event on Wednesday 10th May at the Crowne Plaza Den Haag Promenade in The Netherlands.

Following such demand and positive feedback from the success of previous discussions, the IET Round Table is now an integral part of the conference programme, ensuring all delegates can participate and benefit.


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The Threats to CNI

In a world where everything is connected in some way, shape or form; where the Internet of Things (IoT) has risen in prominence and; where the proliferation of and dependence on mobile devices is pervasive, having the necessary cyber and physical security to sustain and secure our critical infrastructure is now more important than ever before.

Moreover, the digital technologies which increasingly enable our financial, communications, utilities, security and defence infrastructure may, at the same time, pose a significant threat to those systems themselves.

Through sharing exemplars from specific Industries, we would like individuals to share their experiences with each other, to understand commonalities and to learn best practise from their own perspectives (ether in Government, Academia or Industry). What are the learnings from one sector to another?

Leaders from across the key IET Sectors (IT & Comms, Energy, Manufacturing, Transport and Built Environment) will provide a quick introduction at the start of the session and then join the attendees to continue discussions.

Further information to be supplied by the organisers (whether we hold it as cabaret style) or open up to audience members on the floor.

Speaker Speciality
• Transport Sector
• Manufacturing Sector
• Built Environment Sector
• Energy Sector
• IT & Comms Sector

Blane Judd – Chairman
Martin Lee – Cyber
Byron Thompkinson – Infrastructure
Phil Litherland – Energy

Blane Judd (IET Built Environment Chair) will present the findings and outcomes of the IET Round Table discussions during the final Plenary Session on Thursday 11th May.

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